Never ending flow

By the time I got to puberty age, my mother had shared stories with me of how heavy her period was when she was younger. Her and I were both later bloomers, so when I got my first period in grade 9, I wasn’t prepared to have inherited her “heavy period” genes. Armed with a box of regular tampons, I descended upon math class, all confident and almost proud that I finally had my first period. But, within 5 minutes of the class, I felt wet and looked down to only notice that I had completely leaked through that regular tampon, and blood was all over my light jeans. I ran out of the class, and bolted straight home to change. When I arrived back in class about 40 minutes later, my teacher called me up and pulled me aside to ask me where I had been. Embarrassed, and not really sure what to say, I just stared blankly at her with eyes as wide as a bug. I think that terrified look in my eyes said enough, because she excused me and let me sit back down. This was only the beginning of my grade 9/10 journey of extremely heavy periods that not even super plus tampons and maxi pads could withstand. Can you remind me why I ever wanted this thing in the first place? #HeavyPeriodTalk